Princess Diana struggled throughout her marriage to Prince Charles. According to her former royal butler, the Princess of Wales wanted something from her marriage that she was unable to get.

While speaking on the show “Ricominciare,” Paul Burrell revealed when he realized that Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage was over. The royal staff claimed that the future king once told the Princess of Wales that he didn’t really love her but decided to marry her so that he could have children.

After hearing Prince Charles’ cruel words, Princess Diana reportedly cried oceans of tears. Burrell said that Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom was devastated to be living in a world that didn’t listen to her.

“Her children were the most important people in her life and instead of being loved, she reserved it by giving love,” he said. “She would often say it’s far better to give than receive because there are no strings and I don’t know anyone as incredibly unique as the Princess,” he added.

Burrell went on to say that Princess Diana suffered from bulimia until the day she died, particularly due to her marriage to Prince Charles. Shortly after their engagement, Prince Charles wrapped his arm around Princess Diana's waist and said that she was chubby. The remark set something off in Princess Diana.

In the weeks leading up to her wedding day, it was revealed that Princess Diana lost a considerable amount of weight within a short period of time. Her wedding dress designer, Elizabeth Emanuel, told People that Princess Diana’s waistline dropped from 26-inches to 23-inches.

Meanwhile, Burrell said that Princess Diana wanted to get something from her marriage to Prince Charles but failed. “She wanted to be told that she was beautiful and she wanted to be loved. She wanted someone to put their arms around her,” he said.

“But to defend her memory, I must say that she never took another lover until her marriage to Charles was over. This is important because she didn’t do anything until the marriage was over,” he added.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana The Prince and Princess of Wales stand 03 November at the memorial to the British Gloster Regiment, who fought with distinction in 1951 during the Korean War, outside Seoul. EPA/AFP/Getty Images