Queen Elizabeth II has a wicked sense of humor. And every now and then, she utters a cheeky joke during her private conversations.

During her encounter with the wife of a French statesman, Her Majesty tried to save Madame de Gaulle from further embarrassment. While speaking with The Sun, royal author Adam Helliker said that de Gaulle was asked what she’s most looking forward to when she retires.

“We great elaboration (as she didn’t speak much English), she replied: ‘A penis,’” Helliker said. “An awkward silence ensued for some time until the Queen herself came to the rescue, and she said with a broad grin: ‘Ah, happiness,’” Helliker added.

The royal author went on to say that the Queen’s cheeky remark is one of Prince Philip’s favorite stories about his wife because he’s also a practical joker. In fact, the Duke of Edinburgh has also pranked Her Majesty a handful of times.

During one occasion, the dad of four hid one of his wife’s corgis inside a cabinet to poke fun at the monarch. When she arrived home, she immediately went looking for her dog. Prince Philip said he had no idea where the dog went, but he was the one who actually hid the mutt.

In return, the Queen also made fun of Prince Philip on another occasion. Before he returned to London after a long trip abroad, Her Majesty found out that her husband is sporting a thick beard. As such, she urged her royal staff to wear fake beards while welcoming Prince Charles’ dad.

By the looks of it, Prince Philip and the Queen’s marriage lasted for decades because of their unique sense of humor. Royal expert Ingrid Seward told “Loose Women” that the royal couple’s secret to their marriage is to laugh together, especially since life can be very difficult.

“I think the Queen is [the comedian], she’s a wonderful mimic, absolutely brilliant mimic,” she said. “She can do Liverpool, she can do Liverpool really well, she does Irish she can do all kinds of accents. She’s very good at American as well,” she added.

Queen Elizabeth Britain's Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a visit to the Science Museum on March 07, 2019, in London, England. Simon Dawson/WPA Pool/Getty Images