Selena Gomez may be considered as one of the most popular singers of all time, but she didn’t necessarily receive the same recognition in school. In fact, the “Wolves” singer struggled as a student studying in Texas years ago.

In her upcoming documentary, Gomez recounted what it was like to be a student at Danny Jones Middle School. According to the singer, she wasn’t a straight-A student, and she also ate lunch alone because she didn’t have lots of friends.

Selena Gomez encouraged the current students at the school to be kinder toward each other. She said that if someone is eating alone during recess or lunch, other students should say hi to them and make them feel welcomed.

The singer’s former coach was also interviewed for the documentary. He said that he still remembers vividly the time when Gomez gave him her papers to sign. At that time, the child star was cast in a Disney project.

“As a student, Selena was so humble,” the coach said. “She was very kind, she had a very kind, soft, spirit. Hard, hard, worker, real humble, just a really neat kid.”

“I remember the day that she was leaving Jones, she came in the gym with her withdraw papers and she said ‘coach can you sign my papers, and I said ‘sure’ and I gave her the 100% and I said ‘where ya going?’ and she said ‘Oh, I’m just going to Florida’ and I said ‘How come’ and she said ‘I’m just gonna be in a little Disney film’ and I said ‘Okay’ cause you know sometimes, middle school kids kind of exaggerate,” the coach narrated.

According to Gomez, she decided to visit her former school with her best friend and some people from her label so that they will have an understanding of where she came from. She also said that she’s very happy with how things turned out during her visit.

As of late, other details about the singer’s documentary are still being kept under wraps. But it will also revolve around her health struggles.

Selena Gomez Selena Gomez poses at We Day California in Inglewood, California, April 7, 2016. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok