DC fans know that the version of “Justice League” released in theaters in 2017 was a far cry from original director Zack Snyder’s intended vision for the film. Unlike in Joss Whedon’s version, the Superman arc was a critical component of Snyder’s cut. Here are the scenes that were either deleted or changed in the “Justice League” movie.

The Resurrection Of Kal-El

In the DCEU, Superman died during the battle with Doomsday at the end of “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.” Snyder originally intended to make the resurrection of Kal-El the central plot of “Justice League,” but Joss Whedon had a different vision for the film when he took over. While the theatrical version of Whedon still featured the resurrection of Superman, the way it was presented was a stark departure from what Snyder had originally intended.

Henry Cavill’s Mustache

The version of Superman from the Snyder cut was sprinkled in various moments in the theatrical version of the film, particularly in the scene where the character dodged a punch from Steppenwolf. The Superman in those scenes revealed that Henry Cavill had a perfectly normal face, similar to his appearance in “Mission Impossible: Fallout.” In Whedon’s version, Cavill was given a digital shave.

Superman’s Turn To Evil

The theatrical version of “Justice League” also dropped the sequence showing how Superman turned to evil. Snyder’s original script included Darkseid killing Lois Lane in the Batcave and Superman siding with the forces of Apokolips after falling prey to the Anti-Life Equation, shedding light on how he turned evil.

Clark And Lois’ Sweet Moment

Superman was also deprived of several major moments in Whedon’s version. Snyder’s cut would have featured the reunion of Lois and Clark at the Kent farm, where Clark tells Lois that he’s taking her answer as a “yes.” The scene should have been in reference to the engagement ring worn by Lois prior to Clark’s death, but it was completely omitted from the theatrical cut of the film.

The Final Battle

Storyboard artist revealed in an interview that Superman had a more extensive role in the final battle in Snyder’s cut than in Whedon’s. His role in the final battle against Steppenwolf and the Parademon army was so intense that he described the character as “unhinged.” Oliva said that Superman in Whedon’s version was rather truncated because Snyder originally wanted a more involved fight between Superman and Steppenwolf during the final battle.

Justice League Cover photo of "Justice League." Justice League/Flickr