'Hoy Voy A Cambiar' Cast: Meet The Characters Of Lupita D'Alessio's Univision Bio-Series

'Hoy Voy A Cambiar' Univision Series
Mariana Torres plays Lupita D'Alessio during her rise to fame on "Hoy Voy A Cambiar." Televisa

Univision is getting ready to premiere "Hoy Voy A Cambiar," the bio-series that chronicles the rise to fame and downfall of Lupita D'Alessio. The mini-series will premiere on the Spanish-language network on Monday, September 11 at 10pm/9c, taking over "La Tierra Prometida's" time slot. Take a look at the cast and character descriptions below and tell us what you think!

Gabriela Roel is Lupita D'Alessio: Actress and singer. A notorious performer ahead of her time. Her fiery temper and her strong emotions make her impulsive and grouchy. She only has a few friends. She is an inconstant mother and a fervent lover. She is shifty and extremist; on the one hand she can keep her life issues in total secrecy and, on the other, she can disclose them openly to the public; it all depends on her mood. She has the temper of a lioness and is spectacular as a volcano.

Eugenio Montessoro is Nacho D'Alessio: A radio and TV announcer; a poet and an entertainer; a theater, film and radio performer. Owner of a short temper, he is completely emotional. His common sense always depends on how he feels, so he is very creative and has a childish personality; whimsical, selfish, and intolerant, but also generous and soulful.

Issabela Camila is Estercita Millán: A soprano with Spanish lineage, she is from a little town in Guanajuato. From humble origins, she settled later in Santa Ana, California. An emotional and sad woman. She was raised to serve others. Her main satisfaction is to devote herself to others. She barely thinks of herself, thus, her life becomes complicated when there is no one around to set a lead for her.

Ferdinando Valencia is José Vargas: An actor and singer; Nestor Alonso’s nephew. He is the typical Mexican chauvinist. He studied at the Heroic Military College. A big fan of motorcycles, and Mexican music, he was also a radio amateur and an honorary federal police officer. He was granted a firearm license and he marched proudly with the Federal Police in different events. He was César Costa’s bodyguard for some time. He started his career with the rock & roll band “Los Hooligans” in the 60’s. He was aggressive and insolent, and enjoyed using his power and authority. He became resentful for his wife’s success and he could never manage it. He is immature and that is where his passion from motorcycles, weapons, and competition comes from.

Axel Alcántara is Ernesto D'Alessio: Lupita and Jorge Vargas’ son. An actor and a singer, his career began in the 90’s. He has a generous, formal, and fatherly personality. Always with a positive attitude, he is handsome and athletic due to his interest in sports. He was his father’s pet. He distinguishes for his appropriate speech. He is a sensitive natural-born actor and owns a very powerful and educated voice. He takes the role of his family’s protector, including his mom, to whom he forgives everything. He has been a sort of “rescuer” for his mother by always sticking up for her and his brothers as well.

Joshua Gutiérrez is Jorge D'Alessio: Lupita and Jorge Vargas’ oldest son; musician and arranger. For some years he was a musical tour’s manager, too. He is devoted to improve his creative talent. He had a permanent conflict with his father who always disregarded him. We can say he was Lupita’s most distant son and he holds a grudge against her. He seems intolerant and insolent, and stands out for his “arrogance” while in his role of musical producer. He is a fan of the band “Kiss” and loves the 80’s concept.

Paco Luna is César D'Alessio: Lupita’s younger son, fruit of Lupita’s relationship with César Gómez. An insecure, sloppy, and sad child. He was born during Lupita’s highest consumption period, so it is very likely that this influenced his personality and physical condition. Irresolute, suspicious, and obnoxious, with an inclination to addiction, he shows his lack of father figure and a mother that was physically present, but morally absent.

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