Univision is making big changes to its primetime lineup and premiering a Brazilian series called "La Tierra Prometida." The Spanish-language network announced today that the sequel to "Moises y Los Diez Mandamientos" would premiere on August 7 at 10pm/9c, opposite "El Señor de los Cielos" on Telemundo. It would be taking "Rosario Tijeras" time slot that is not fairing well in the ratings. The shakeup is a bold move and after the success "Moises" had on UniMás, they are counting on making big ratings gains. Find out what the telenovela is about with the official synopsis and character descriptions below and tell us what you think!

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: After Moses’ death, Joshua is the new leader of the Hebrews. He is an experienced warrior, gifted with courage, determination and a powerful faith. But it is no easy task to lead the people to its new destination. With his closest and trusted allies, Joshua must fulfill a difficult mission ordered by God: to command the twelve tribes of Israel in their conquest of Canaan, the promised land.

The first great confrontation of Israel will be against the fortified kingdom of Jericho. In sequence, Joshua and his allies will have to battle innumerous other times, against the kingdoms of Ai, Gibeon, Jerusalem and Hazor.

He will also live a thrilling love story with the beautiful Aruna, a courageous and determined young lady, skillful with a sword and capable of fighting alongside men soldiers when necessary. The problem is, Aruna’s sister, feisty Samara, is also in love with Joshua. With her treacherous mother as an accomplice, Samara will do everything to separate the main couple. This love triangle will create a great dilemma in Joshua’s life.

After exterminating their enemies, the Hebrews will reach the Promised Land, and Joshua will divide the lands of Canaan amongst the twelve tribes, fulfilling the will of Israel’s God. “The Promised Land” is a soap opera filled with conflict, intrigue, romance, adventure, power struggle, betrayal, forbidden passion and impossible love. All of this told with much emotion, leaving the public with a great message: that nothing is impossible for those who put their true faith in the Lord.

Sidney Sampaio is Joshua: After Moses’ death, he becomes the spiritual and military leader of the Hebrews, and commands them in their conquest of the Promised Land. He is an experienced warrior, gifted with courage, determination and a powerful faith. He is Ana’s widower, and he intended to remain lonely for the rest of his life, but falls in love with the beautiful and brave ARAUNAH. His relationship with her causes the villain SAMARA to hate them. She is obsessively in love with JOSHUA, so she feels rejected and swears to take revenge.

Paloma Bernardi is Samara: Madly in love with JOSHUA, although unrequited, she is obsessed with winning his heart and marrying him. She despises her adoptive sister ARAUNAH, but really she just envies her qualities. When she finds out that JOSHUA is in love with ARAUNAH, she gets enraged and becomes the main antagonist in the soap opera. She becomes a plague, envious and vindictive.