Ninel Conde Backlash
Ninel Conde urges Mexican residents living on the Pacific Coast to go outside and Twitter is making fun of her for it. Reuters/Twitter/ninelconde

Ninel Conde has become an internet meme thanks to her "surimi" slip-up when she commented about the Tsunami back in 2004. Ever since then, when there's a national disaster going on, people use her as a butt of jokes. With Hurricane Patricia quickly approaching landfall off the Pacific Coast of Mexico, the "Bombón Asesino" commented on the event. "Praying for our brothers from Jalisco, Nayarit and Colima; leave," she tweeted. Don't stay in your homes. This completely contradicts what authorities are asking of its citizens in keeping inside their homes. We think she probably meant to leave their homes if they are in an unsafe zone and look for a shelter where you will be able to withstand the storm. This didn't stop social media from commenting on her tweet and making fun of her once again. Read the messages down below!

UPDATE: Ninel Conde Fires Back After Hurricane Patricia Tweet Goes Viral!

Hurricane Patricia is the strongest on record surpassing Hurricane Andrew and Katrina. The system is expected to reach up to 200-mph sustained winds with higher gusts and produce rainfall from 8 to 12 inches. The rain could produce "life-threatening flash floods and mud slides," according to the National Hurricane Center. This area of Mexico has had it rough this year, with Andres forming in the Pacific, but that was never a threat to hit landfall. Back in June, Hurricane Blanca gained steam and reached Category 4 with winds of about 130 mph and became a threat of causing damage. The stormed thankfully weakened during its final phase when it encountered cooler water and low wind conditions, being downgraded into a tropical storm. Last year, Hurricane Odile hit the region causing destruction in the area and Patricia might be the most catastrophic one yet.

Ninel Conde Tweet
Ninel Conde's tweet about Hurricane Patricia. Twitter/ninelconde

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