Donald Trump is officially our president, and our favorite Latino celebrities took over social media to express their feelings about it. Some of the messages had feelings of sadness, others tried to be rather optimistic considering the fact that most celebrities in the Latin community were against Trump. This is what some of them had to say on Inauguration Day.

1- "La Fan" actor Juan Pablo Espinoza posted this photo, and Lady Liberty's face is exactly how we all feel right now.

2- Bachata interpreter Prince Royce preferred to post his pictures with Michelle and Barack with a lovely farewell message: "Thank you President Obama for your leadership, integrity and grace."

3- Zoe Saldana couldn't resist and expressed herself on how she can't be a respectful diligent American while watching the Inauguration. 

And she also gave her farewell message to Obama on Instagram. 

4- Kate del Castillo, really took it to another level. 


5- Actress Salma Hayek's farewell message to Obama was emotive.

6- The reaction from actress Gina Rodríguez to Obama's departure on Inauguration Day was really funny.  

7- Dominican Actor Manny Perez took his Twitter and went deep.