The people managing an inflatable castle are now under fire after a bouncy castle reportedly exploded and left at least two kids in grave conditions over at a Russian shopping mall. It is believed that that inflatable was improperly managed and was pumped up too strongly resulting in the mishap.

Two young girls were allegedly thrown 25-feet into the air and onto metal racks per reports. Aside from the two young tykes, three other kids were playing at the bouncy castle at the time of the explosion in the Russian city of Barnaul.

One of the girls was known only as three-year-old Anna while the other was identified as four-year-old VIke. The former reportedly suffered a concussion and a spinal fracture and was listed in grave condition.

Vike, on the other hand, allegedly ended up with a skull fracture as well as wounds to her lungs and abdomen. She landed 15-feet from the castle and was also listed in grave condition. Bystanders rushed in to secure the castle and determine if other kids may have been trapped inside.

The bouncy castle was situated near a shopping mall and the accident was initially blamed on strong winds. However, all this was rebuffed by witnesses who alleged that they heard an explosion sound or a loud burst.

“What wind? I work one bus stop away from this place, but even we heard the bang,” one witness named Anastasia Dolmatova stated.

Others claimed that the inflatable castle was poorly managed. One quipped that the ropes were not secure and that the structure was tied to a fence. There was reportedly no protective underlay and the bouncy castle was rubbing against the tarmac, possibly one cause of the explosion. A criminal case was opened by the Russian Investigative Committee on the incident.

“No special mounts were used, the attraction was pumped, it heated up, and rose into the air,” MP Sergey Pisarev stated.

Children's rides and bouncy casltes at the East Hampton Library Children's Fair at Gardiner's Farm
Children's rides and bouncy casltes at the East Hampton Library Children's Fair at Gardiner's Farm Getty Images | Matthew Peyton/WireImag

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