A suspected UFO crash that was allegedly piloted by 4ft aliens with "big bulgy eyes" and praying mantis-like features will be investigated again, The Daily Star reported.

A 1945 case has been added to a study of near calls in a military spending measure that US President Joe Biden signed into law, said reports.

It will open the door for a probe into an "avocado-shaped craft" that crashed in San Antonio, Texas, according to astronomer Jacques Vallée.

He wrote a book on the occurrence based on the testimonies of three important witnesses which include a B-52 bomber pilot, the rancher's son on whose land the craft crashed, and a friend of his.

Both the pilot, who examined the crash site on Aug. 16, and former US Marine Reme Baca have passed away. But 86-year-old Jose Padilla claims to have found the debris unexpectedly.

Jose talked about the presence of creatures inside and the way in which they were moving around. He also talked about the creatures having abilities to will themselves from one point to another within an instant.

He said, “strange-looking creatures were moving around inside. They moved fast as if they were able to will themselves from one position to another in an instant.”

Jose claims he later watched through binoculars as soldiers loaded the 25 x 14ft craft onto a truck, covered it with blue tarpaulins, and took it away.

Extraterrestrial or "alien" existence has long been a source of debate, and UFO seeker Matt Wells predicts that in 2023, they may finally decide to grace us humans with their presence.

With reported sightings of UFOs in the likes of London, Las Vegas, and Brazil, Wells said, “it is like aliens are sending a message, ‘We refuse to hide away. Here we are in plain sight at your world’s most important places."

Wells also talked about aliens coming to Earth much sooner than expected.

“Even skeptics must be sitting up to take notice," he said. “I believe we could see aliens coming to Earth for everyone to witness much sooner than originally thought.”

A mystery light seen over the ocean in California had locals asking for answers on social media. Instagram/@newman_photos

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