Most are aware that the second season of “Invincible” will be in 2023 only but they are clueless about what month that would be.

Based on the latest tweet from the official account of “Invincible,” that could be set straight between Jan. 2 to 31.

The Twitter account of “Invincible” claims that there is an update coming on season 2 of the animated series. Previous tweets have led many to believe that it would likely be when the adult animated superhero television series would be coming out.

If on point, a fair speculation of “Invincible” season 2 could be by March. The first season made its debut on March 2021 and the show garnered high critical acclaim. This led to its renewal for a second and third season on Amazon Prime shortly before the season 1 finale.

Also, it was confirmed by Amazon’s Head of Television, Vernon Sanders, that a second season was happening in 2023. However, he did not offer a specific release window.

Further, the fact that voice actor, Khary Payton, mentioned that they were already working on “Invincible” season 3 may also get fans more curious. Season 2 is officially done but Payton made it clear that he would not use that to predict release dates because animation studios had a backlog of work.

"There was literally a line for the really great studios to just get this work out. So, I honestly can't tell you," Payton stated.

Of course, other things could be announced this January. That includes a potential live-action movie project that is allegedly in development.

Regardless, it would be best to monitor what “Invincible” has in store this month. In the meantime, folks may want to watch the first season again on Prime video and prepare for the much-awaited sequel’s potential release.

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