New mock-ups of the upcoming iPhone 12 offer a glimpse of what the final versions of the premium phone will look like when they hit the market this fall. On Sunday, a collection of iPhone 12 dummies surfaced on Twitter to show the different sizes of the upcoming iPhone 12 models.

The iPhone 12 mock-ups reveal that the handset will come in 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch measurements, confirming previous rumors that mold image releases. Published by Sonny Dickson, the dummies also highlight the iPad Pro-like design of the handsets, with a flat edge and a triple-camera setup on the rear.

Dickson, however, refuted early rumors that the phone’s chassis would revive design elements that first appeared in the iPhone 4, including flat edges and glass front and back covers. Rumors also suggested that the metal frame would incorporate “a more complex segmentation design, new trenching, and injection molding procedures.”

According to Dickson, the iPhone 12 notches and cameras in the newly surfaced dummies should be taken with a grain of salt as they may not be entirely the same as the notches and cameras of the upcoming devices. While some speculate that the actual handsets will feature a LiDAR sensor on the rear, some claim this feature will only be available on the Pro Max model.

Dickson also emphasized that the images showing the smallest iPhone 12 could be inaccurate as the number of back cameras is still up for debate. In the latest images of the smallest handset, there are three cameras. However, rumor has it that Apple could continue offering two cameras on the non-Pro models of the iPhone 12 and three for the Pro variants.

Before iPhones are launched, mockup versions of the handsets usually make the rounds online. While it remains unknown how and where Dickinson obtained the images of the iPhone 12 mockups, the dummies are usually consistent with what Apple ends up releasing.

The latest iPhone 12 dummies surfaced following the release of mold images of the handset on June 14, which showed machine metal representations of the upcoming iPhone 12 models.

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