As the expected iPhone 12 release date is getting nearer, several rumors and leaked pictures are circulating online claiming the look and the features of the next range of flagship handsets.

A video, recently released by Front Page Tech, claims to show the hands-on Product Validation Testing (PVT) of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max. A PVT is ideally the last stage, following the completion of which the product is considered to be ready for mass production.

The video confirms the ongoing speculations that the upcoming iPhone 12 will include Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) in at least some of the models. It is great news for people who would like to delve more into augmented reality (AR) as LiDAR is useful for that.

Additionally, it is expected that the upcoming iPhone flagship will possess a 120Hz refresh rate. The video also covers the previously-leaked settings screen which showed an option to select “enable high refresh rate.”

Additionally, the settings will also have an option to toggle “adaptive refresh rate” that will allow the user to “alter the refresh rate from 120Hz to 60Hz in accordance with the content displayed on-screen.”

The video also highlights the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s display.

All these features shown in the video are claimed to be available in the PVT model of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the same features will be available in the model that will be released in the market.

Tech Radar expects a different set of specifications in terms of display for all four variants. While iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are expected to feature 120Hz displays, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max is expected to come with the regular 60Hz displays.

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