iPhone 6 release date box art
The minimalistic iPhone 6 box art features a lock screen that indicates a Sept. 9 release date. Also note the repositioning of the sleep/wake button to the right side of the phone. nowhereelse.fr

Earlier this month, we learned that Apple will be hosting a special press conference on September 9, most likely to unveil its highly anticipated iPhone 6. The Cupertino company has yet to make any official announcements, but it is difficult to imagine that the Apple event could be anything else! According to Forbes, it is likely that Apple will introduce an iWatch as well.

On Tuesday, leading French Apple blog nowhereelse.fr presents significant evidence that supports the Sept. 9 iPhone 6 announcement date. According to the blog, a newly leaked box art image reveals a minimalistic diagram of the device, complete with a lock screen graphic that presents the Sept. 9 date.

According to nowhereelse.fr editor Steve Hemmerstoffer, the leaked box art image was passed to him by a reliable Chinese source. Last year, Hemmerstoffer leaked a number of exclusive details on the iPhone 5S just hours before its launch, lending his reports credibility. Beyond the date on the lock screen, the new iPhone 6 cover art also reveals subtle changes to the button layout on the iPhone 6. For one, the sleep/wake button is repositioned from the top-right corner of the phone to the right side beside the new 4.7-inch screen. What's more, the volume buttons now feature a new capsule shaped button.

Beyond the telltale date on the lock screen, additional rumors also suggest that the iPhone 6 will be available with a top-of-the-line model boasting a more powerful 2GHz dual-core A8 processor and a whopping 128GB storage. We do not know whether the 128GB spec will be available in both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models, or if it will be exclusively available for the larger phablet only. Other notable specs include a Retina display screen with 1,704x904 pixels, as well as an innovative scratch-proof sapphire screen material.

Stay tuned as we learn more in the month ahead!

iPhone 6 Release Date Leaked Box Art
iPhone 6 announcement is slated for Tuesday, Sept. 9. nowhereelse.fr

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