Apple will be hosting a special press conference on September 9. Naturally, the Cupertino company is being mum about its plans, but we don't have to be a genius to determine that we are facing an imminent iPhone 6 announcement. However, even though Apple will introduce the new iPhone 6 next month, we learned that the latest device will not be available for purchase until as late as early November!

We knew that the iPhone 6 release date would be delayed. According to the latest reports, an awful explosion occurred on August 1 at a metal polishing plant in China. The devastating Kunshan Metal Products factory  fire killed 75 employees and injured many more. According to authorities, the blast was caused by the ignition of aluminum dust that blanketed the factory. 

In response to the disaster, China has ordered many factories to cease operation until safety inspections determine that the factory is safe for operation. This will obviously cause a lot of delays for Apple as a significant amount of its iPhone 6 hardware derive from Chinese suppliers. In fact, Apple supplier Foxconn carries out a similar metal polishing process to Kunshan Metal Products.

Now, Latin Times has just received a statement from a source within Apple that sheds more light to the iPhone 6 release date. According to the source, Apple has been planning a mid-October to early-November release for the iPhone 6 all along. The timing of early November will make the most out of the Christmas season demand for smartphones and gadgets. Moreover, leakers at MacRumours have shared similar information as well:

"The source notes that a senior Store Leader mentioned October 14th as being an 'immense' day for Apple," leaked MacRumours from an internal Apple Retail Store meeting, "adding that the whole month of October would be very busy for stores and the company itself. Apple is also said to planning a media event for Tuesday, September 16, coming a month ahead of the device's launch."

As far as we know, the new iPhone 6 will come with in a standard model with a 4.7-inch scree, as well as a more high-end model featuring an impressive 5.5-inch screen. According to leaks from CNBeta, the new iPhone 6 specs boast a 2GHz dual-core 20nm 64-bit A8 chipset, which promises desktop-grade performance in a mobile package.