The latest batch of rumors to come out about the iPhone 6 suggests that Apple will offer consumers two size options when the phone is released in 2014. The report stating the iPhone will be offered in two sizes came from the Chinese publication Weibo and used insider sources from Foxconn, the company that makes the iPhone for Apple.  Reports say that Foxconn sources told Weibo that production on the iPhone 6 will be split into two models a 4.7 and 5.7-inch phone.

The Iphone 6 is rumored to be released later this year and is said to have a variety of new and updated features including longer battery life, an improved camera, a wrap around screen and finger print I.D. Rumors suggest that Apple has been toying with the idea of creating a phone with a larger screen in order to compete with the likes of Samsung and their Galaxy Note products.  Apple is usually the trendsetter when it comes to new products.

However, Apple has yet to offer their consumers a smart phone that ranges in size somewhere between a phone and a tablet. The “phablet” as such a product is known was released by Apple’s competitors and became the standard toward the end of 2013. By splitting the iPhone 6 into two different sizes the company will be able to gage consumer response and better gear their next batch of products toward what their fans want. Another new feature the iPhone 6 is said to have is the ability to tag photos using the owner’s voice.