The iPhone 6 is said to be released mid-2014 and since the release of the phone's predecessor the iPhone 5s rumor after rumor has been floating around suggesting what features the iPhone 6 will have. The latest batch of reports says the phone may be equipped with a trackpad and a full-screen touch I.D display. Apple has reportedly put in a patent application and its 600-plus pages are said to contain the details for the phone's home button track pad and touch I.D finger print scanner display.

While new to the iPhone the trackpad function was a major part of the QWERTY devices created by Blackberry. More prominent rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 say the phone will feature a larger Retina display screen. There is talk that a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch screen is being tested. This has Apple watchers wondering if one or both larger screen models will be hitting store shelves as part of the next generation iPhones. Other iPhone screen rumors say Apple will be getting rid of the Gorilla Glass screen and replacing it with a scratch resistant sapphire coating.

Let us round up all of the iPhone rumors that have been making their way across the tech blogs so far. Firstly and probably the most important rumor is the Mid-2014 (June) release date. Techies have been pretty confident that by the start of the summer Apple users will have a new iPhone to swoon over. The screen for the iPhone 6 is said to be larger with a wrap around and touch screen display. A trackpad may also be included. Longer battery life has also been rumored as well as an improved plenoptic camera.

Siri is also rumored to be getting an improvement. The Cupertino Company will be using PrimeSense technology to improve Siri's ability to recognize a user's voice. Siri's intelligence may also improve with more accurate answers to consumer questions. With the exciting news surrounding the iPhone 6's features there is also some bad news. All these new features mean a larger price tag. Tech writers and financial analysts seem confidant the iPhone 6 will cost $50 to $100 more than the iPhone 5s.

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