iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors: See Leaked iPhone 'Air' Concept Promo Video!

iPhone 6 concept
Image Credit: Antonio De Rosa/ADR St

iPhone 6's release may be the most anticipated tech release next year. Having unveiled the new iPad 'Air' and the new Macbook, all with incredible new features, speculation is rife over how the next iPhone will radically alter the current iPhone 5s and 5c models. An interesting concept video was released today courtesy of brighknight08 showing what we might expect from the iPhone 6 incarnation. The video shows some considerable differences to current iPhone 6 speculation.

iPhone 6 is going to be lighter. "Lighter and thinner" seems to be the motto for Apple at the moment, so it seems likely that the iPhone 6 will follow the trend, leading to this concept being called 'iPhone Air' in line with the latest iPad release. The video features the iPhone 6 with a tapered bottom, like the iPad Air, and customizable colors like the the iPhone 5c. It also includes a a backlit proximity sensor instead of a home button as well as a silent button ath the top of the iPhone that also functions as a power button.

Brightknight08 gave the concept iPhone a 4.6-inch display: definitely on the larger side, which is what we've been expecting. The screen has full HD screen resolution at 450 ppi. The device does look beautiful and seems to concur with the latest iPhone 6 rumors. What do you think? Is this the iPhone you've been waiting for?

What do you think?

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