The Apple iPhone 7 is still basking under the spotlight of anticipation as the world is still awaiting its debut this September. Its major rival the Galaxy Note 7 has already launched, so many consumers are eager to know what the new Apple smartphone has to offer before they can decide which device to get between the two.

As previously reported, Apple is planning to launch 3 versions of its iPhone 7 — a standard iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone 7 Pro.

The latest rumors and leaks this week are giving away more information about the most premium offering among the three, the iPhone 7 Pro.

It was previously leaked that the large handset will come with 3GB of RAM. While this is an interesting upgrade that would make the smartphone even more efficient when multitasking, there is actually a bigger reason why Apple decided to add more RAM to this version of the iPhone 7, according to BGR.  

Citing analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement in May, the electronics site indicated that the main reason why the massive device is getting a boost in terms of RAM is to ensure that the handset is powerful enough to handle the demands of its dual camera system. 

The dual camera system reportedly offers DSLR-like performance despite its minute form, giving the iPhone 7 Pro a big advantage of taking superior quality photos in all sorts of conditions over its rival smartphones. 

Meanwhile, a prototype of the iPhone 7 Pro was sent to Unbox Therapy host Lewis Hilsenteger recently, and the YouTuber showcased the mock-up in a “hands-on” video uploaded on Wednesday.

While comparing the iPhone 7 Pro with the iPhone 6 Plus, Lewis found out that the former is slimmer than the latter by 0.04mm. Measuring the depth of the two devices using a digital caliper, the 6 Plus had a 7.18mm-thin body, while the 7 Pro was found to have a 7.14mm-thin body, Forbes reported. 

The color of the mock-up is also worthy of noting, since its dark blue body is said to be the special color variant of the upcoming iPhone 7 Pro. Also, the prototype does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack which coincides with rumors and reports that Apple has removed the universal jack from the iPhone 7 line in favor of their slimmer bodies.

As for the pricing of the iPhone 7 handsets, Yahoo! Tech listed the iPhone 7 32GB with a $649 price tag. Its bigger variants, the 128GB and 256GB, are listed with $749 and $849 prices. On the other hand, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB is expected to be priced at $749, while its 128GB and 256GB variants are valued at $849 and $949.

The site did not list the pricing for the iPhone 7 Pro units, but the base model could be valued at $949 and the other internal storage variants will be $100 apart. 

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 7 handsets on Sept. 7. Pre-orders for the devices will start on Sept. 9, while the release date of the smartphones is reported to take place on Sept. 16.