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With just a few months until Apple announces it brand new iPhone a set of pictures featuring the components to the iOS device have leaked online from within the supply chain, reports MacRumors.

The photos found by french website Nowhereelse.fr is apparently the iPhone 6s or "iPhone 7" flex cable that host the volume rocker buttons, mute switch, power button and LED flash. The blog also shared pictures of the device's Lightning connector and headphone jack assembly, rear facing camera rings and home button enclosure.

The pics aren't really telling of any new inforamtion or designs coming to the device. Apple has returned to using a single flex cable for the iPhone 6s after splitting the flex cables for the iPhone 6, but otherwise that part of the device remains largely unchanged. It is worth noting that some of the parts appear to be anodized in a gold or champagne color, which falls in line with the rumor that Apple would be adding a rose gold color to the iPhone lineup.

Meanwhile, KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made some predictions about Apple's next device claiming the size will remain the same at 4.7-inches and 5.5 inches. Other predicted features include an A9 processor with 2GB of RAM, an improved 12-megapixel camera, new colors and the possible addition of a sapphire cover lens. Check out them out below along with these other 15 predicted features:

1. Force Touch will be the biggest upgraded selling point, but also one of the main bottlenecks of the supply chain. Force Touch can enhance user experience due to more input methods and support of handwritten signatures, which is beneficial for expanding in the commercial market.

2. Screen will remain at 4.7 and 5.5 inches, with resolution the same as existing models. There will be no new 4-inch model.

3. There will be an additional casing color, rose gold, matching the rose gold Apple Watch Edition.

4. The camera will have a pixel upgrade, likely to 12 MP.

5. One microphone will be added near the speaker to enhance voice quality.

6. The A9 processor with upgraded 2GB LPDDR4 will be adopted.

7. The bending issue will be improved by using different casing materials and internal mechanical design changes.

8. If drop test issues can be resolved, the 5.5-inch model will have a limited number of units with sapphire cover lens.

9. The recognition rate of Touch ID will be improved further in a bid to promote Apple Pay.

10. Gesture control support.

11. It’s expected that mass production will start in mid-to-late August. Total shipments will be 80-90mn in 2015, with a 2:1 ratio of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models.

12. Developer Hamza Sood found some telling information in the latest iOS 9 beta coding that points to improved camera features for the next iPhone.

Sood tweeted a screen grab of the new front-camera features not present in any of the current iPhones in the market, including the iPhone 6. The iOS 9 list hinted future iPhone front cameras, which may include the iPhone 6S, will boast of 1080p resolution with 240fps slow motion video recording, LED flash, and panoramic selfie capture technology.

13. According to analyst the next iPhone iteration will now have Series 7000 Aluminum, which is found on other Apple devices, and will be a bit thicker in size to accommodate the new Force Touch feature reports Apple Insider.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told Macotakara the next iPhone will will be slightly wider and taller by about 0.15 millimeters, while it will be thicker by 0.2 millimeters. It makes sense seeing how the main selling point of the next-generation smartphone is to be the Force Touch feature currently found on the new MacBook and Apple Watch.

14. A recent leaked picture apparently shows us Apple's next iPhone, dubbed the "iPhone 6s." The unnamed source shared the photo of the iPhone shell and the devices logic board with 9to5Mac, revealing an updated Qualcomm LTE chip which will offer faster LTE speed and greater energy efficiency.

MacRumors took a more in-depth look at the photo and revealed the next iPhone will carry a Qualcomm MDM9635M chip and it aims to give the new smartphone a significant increase in performance over the current 9X25 used in the current lineup of iPhones. Check out the leaked image below:

iPhone 6s body and logic board. 9to5Mac

15. Apple's manufacturing partners, Samsung and TSMC, have apparently started production on the A9 chips that will go into the coming smartphone, the iPhone 6s reports DigiTimes.

According to the website Apple requested changes to the chips layout asking both chipmakers to rework wafers. The request was apparently asked last-minute, but no need to worry as the site says the modifications should not impact the release schedule for the next-generation iPhone.

Furthermore, MacRumors reports TSMC will begin mass production of the A9 chip based on a 16nm process in the fourth quarter of 2015, and is also expected to manufacture fingerprint sensors and audio chips on a contract basis for future iPhones.

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