iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6 Screenshot/YouTube/TechSmart

Tomorrow Tuesday Sept. 9, Apple is planning to unveil, not one, but two new iPhone devices. The smartphones will come in two sizes including 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches. Surprisingly there has not been much news on what these devices will be named until now. According to Mac Otakara the 4.7-inch model will be called simply the "iPhone 6," while the 5.5-inch model will be named "iPhone 6 Plus."

Mac Otakara did not reveal where they got this news from but the site has a good reputation with predicting Apple product releases in the past. MacRumors also reports that another source confirms Apple is planning to use the monitor iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for the upcoming devices. Though Apple has yet to reveal any names or details so this is all speculation until tomorrow.

The "plus" name actually dates back to earlier iPhone rumors. Last summer BrightWire reported that Apple would be releasing a larger iPhone alongside the 5s device. However, it was reported that the phone would be called "iPhone Math" which many assumed was a mistranslation and meant "iPhone Plus."

Additionally, MacRumors reports that there is another possible name for the larger 5.5-inch iPhone, the "iPhone Air." This name surfaced from Chinese media sources and seemed to fit in with the rest of Apple's "Air" lineup, including the MacBook Air and the iPad Air.

With less than 24-hours to go speculations can be put on rest as Apple will reveal the name of the new devices at its Sept. 9 media event. Alongside the iPhone 6 viewers should expect to see the highly anticipated "iWatch" unveiled.

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