For those eager to find out what other features the third-generation iPhone SE will have, it appears that will be also come with added RAM that will be good news to users who are also using their phone to edit photos and videos.

The third-generation iPhone SE will feature an A15 chip, 5G support, a longer-lasting battery, durable glass and a better camera. But the latest update reveals that it will also come with 4 GB of RAM.

Although Apple has yet to confirm this, it appears MacRumors was able to get the information ahead of the scheduled Mar. 11 launch.

Moritz Sternemann confirmed that the third generation iPhone SE will come with 4 GB of RAM. This information is sourced from strings within the Xcode 13.3 Release Candidate that Apple released following its "Peek Performance" event on Tuesday, Mar. 8.

It should be noted that the same type of Xcode strings was revealed in several generations of iPhones and iPads.

With added RAM, this means that photo and video editing apps would run better on the next iPhone SE. This would provide the phone with added layers stored in memory, not to mention allow more apps and pages loaded in Safari to remain active in the background.

The new iPhone SE will be available for pre-order starting Mar. 11 in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, and more than 30 other countries and regions.

With regards to deliveries, the iPhone SE will be delivered starting Friday, Mar. 18. The same holds for in-store availability.

Aside from this, Apple users will surely take a look at the new colors of the iPhone 13. There will be two new colors for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro – a standard green and Alpine green shade.

To get a better glimpse, a video of the said device was put on Twitter by Majin Bu.

iPhone 12 product is seen displayed inside the George St Apple Store o
iPhone 12 product is seen displayed inside the George St Apple Store o Getty Images | Don Arnold/WireImage

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