In a rather bizarre incident, a Denver man gunned down a woman in a fit of rage, as their altercation over dog poop spiraled out of control. Michael Close, 24, fired 24 shots at Isabella Thallas, a 21-year-old while leaving her boyfriend Darian Simon seriously wounded.

The incident took place in the Ballpark neighborhood on June 10, when Close and Simon engaged in a heated argument over Simon’s dog that pooped in a garden outside Close’s apartment complex. Simon and his partner were strolling through the streets at around 11.40 a.m. when Close allegedly opened his window and hollered at the young couple. 

The couple’s nonchalance over their pet pooping just about anywhere triggered Close to manically attack them. Simon, however, complied with Close’s requests and began to clean up the poop just before he was shot twice in the legs.

As soon as Close discovered that he went overboard with the act, he reportedly dialed a close friend, Chelsea Thompson, and was trembling with fear. In his defense, Close argued that his dog was attacked by two dogs in the neighborhood in a text message to Thompson. She maintained that Close often acted unusually aggressive and has a history of overdosing on cocaine, molly, mushrooms, ecstasy, and ketamine.

Despite Thompson urging him to turn himself in, he was petrified to do so and sped away in his black Mercedes SUV to avoid being nabbed. He was eventually tracked down by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies and was arrested at Pine Junction. It is reported that Close broke down at the time of interrogation and apologized for his deeds. But, cops were yet to find any evidence to support the same.

As per recent reports, the suspect appeared before the court for a preliminary hearing on Monday, and police homicide detective Joseph Trujillo was the only witness around. Prosecutors played the neighborhood surveillance video in court which shows Close firing shorts at Simon and Thallas with a high-powered rifle. Thallas was pronounced dead on the spot, while Simon is recuperating.  

Close currently faces two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree assault, nine counts of using a prohibited high-capacity magazine during a crime, two counts of prohibited use of a firearm, and one count of disorderly conduct. Close was reportedly fired from his job due to the pandemic. 

Isabella Thallas was pronounced dead on the spot Isabella Thallas was pronounced dead on the spot Twitter