The final season for iZombie looks positive for team Liv Moore, portrayed by Rose McIver. The series will welcome a guest star but will see a character depart from the show. Executive producer Rob Thomas hints Liv and Major Lilywhite’s (Robert Buckley) romantic arc. Also, know the confirmed premiere date and plot predictions from the fans.

The CW renewed “iZombie” for its fifth and final season. The entire cast, on top of McIver and Buckley, is expected to return to the television series. Characters Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin), Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli), Blaine McDonough (David Anders) and Peyton Charles (Aly Michalka) will be joined by confirmed guest star basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who took the role of Zed. A zombie councilman, Zed represents the zombie faction in the city hall.

Contrary to the arrival of a new character, a recurring character will not return to the series. Robert Knepper will not return for “iZombie” Season 5 as his Angus “Brother Love” McDonough story arc has ended. The actor was also involved in sexual misconduct allegations, but The CW President Mark Pedowitz clarified that Knepper’s exit from the series has nothing to do with the allegations but has more to do with the character’s path.

Plot wise, Thomas was straightforward with what to expect in Season 5. The executive producer revealed several details, including a tilt of power in favor of Liv’s side, setting the pace for the series’ ending. Liv fights for the balance of existence between zombies and humans in the city, while Ravi creates the cure.

As for Liv and Major’s love story arc, Thomas confirmed that there’s going to be a resolution. He also added that Liv deserves to be happy. But when asked if Thomas is willing to kill another of Liv’s love interest, he did not hesitate to say yes. Assuming Major would be the only potential boyfriend for Liv in Season 5, there would be a chance that Major will be killed off.

Since fans are excited for the arrival of “iZombie” Season 5, some fans shared their predictions for the finale. One of the fans predicted that the primary plot for next season is the cure and the balance of power between zombies and humans. Major will have a significant role in the co-existence of zombies and humans but may possibly be seen working with Blaine to support the zombies’ need for brains.

The fans also added that Peyton and Ravi will have a stable relationship, while Blaine may find his love interest. Liv and Major will have their happy ending and may have a daughter and name it Isobel.

How do you think “iZombie” Season 5 will end?