The fake news of the death of J Balvin that was circulating on Facebook, provoked the anguish of the singer's parents. Mr. José Álvaro Osorio, via Diario BASTA!, made a call to founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to have more control over the type of information that is shared in the famous social network. In a phone interview with the media outlet, Mr. Osorio commented:

"I want to make a call, and hopefully it reaches Mr. Zuckerberg, so he can have a team analyzing these types of notes, because Facebook is an impressive network and many people can believe what they read, and others won't, like us when we found out, we sent the article to Josesito (J Balvin), who was asleep in his house and reassured us," he revealed.

Mr. Osorio condemned everyone who is dedicated to inventing this type of information and doesn't understand how Zuckerberg allows it to circulate among the millions of users without any type of filter.

"These are acts of cruelty, I don't know what happens in the minds of these people: you don't know if it is with hatred or love. There must be a campaign for the owner of Facebook to armor these notes that do so much damage," said Mr. Osorio to BASTA! 

According to the news website, Mr. José and Mrs. Albita Balvin's life completely changed after J Balvin had a plane crash in The Bahamas in August 2016.

"What happened was a key moment: We don't understand how they weren't killed," Osorio said, referring to the accident. "It really moved our hearts, J Balvin is a homely, delivered, religious boy and after that he became more sensitive and moral," he concluded.

Balvin has a good relationship with his parents. When his father was admitted to the hospital in 2015, the "Safari" singer was at his side at all times. He shared a couple of photos of his father and expressed everything he felt via the posts on Instagram. "Take care of your fathers! Dad, get better," I wrote in one picture. In another one I have thanked all of his fans for their love and support. We can not imagine how terrible he must be feeling, but we wish Mr. Osorio to speedy recovery!