In the past year, J Balvin has collaborated with international talents such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, French Montana, Nicky Jam and Pharrell, to name a few.

Last Friday, the Colombian singer was invited to perform at the Copa América Centenario opening ceremony in Santa Clara, California, where he entertained millions of spectators with his mega hits “Ginza” and “Bobo.”

But the urban star is not letting all the fame go up to his head.

During a recent interview with The Guilty Code, the Grammy-winning artist shared his thoughts on his explosive success and revealed he does not feel famous, “at all.”

“I don’t feel famous, at all,” he said. “I mean, I walk around without a bodyguard, nothing. I don’t need one. I’m with God and that’s it. Zero movies.”

On having more than 32 million followers on social media, he added, “Because really, you can’t have 2 billion online visitors or people that are watching me, analyzing me, watching my videos, or whatever, you can’t really see that. They are just numbers.”

The Medellín native continued to explain that looking at his fans and followers as just numbers on the screen helps him stay sane and stops him from feeling “pressured.”

Throughout the interview, Balvin stated he wouldn’t use his lyrics to try to win a girl’s heart.

“No, never,” he said. “What am I going to say to a woman? ‘Come glue yourself to my pants’? No!”

He later disclosed that in order to get points with girls, he just has to be honest.

“Honesty and being real, genuine,” he shared. “Showing yourself just the way you are. Masks will fall down eventually so, why use them? They’ll eventually find out who you really are.”

J Balvin is currently splitting his time between working on new music with hitmaker extraordinaire, Pharrell, touring and his job as coach on “La Voz México.”

Click on the video below to watch Balvin’s full interview.