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J Balvin’s Famous Order is Next Up on McDonald’s Menus Across the U.S. Mcdonald's

Colombian singer J Balvin and Miller Lite have joined hands, and he wants to help Latino-owned businesses via the "J Balvin's Tab" program.

A limited-edition pint that is inspired by Balvin's vibrant brand has been designed for nine and 15-packs for which he teamed up with Accion Opportunity Fund (AOF). It is a financial support system for small businesses that advance gender, racial, and economic justice for everyone.

Miller Lite will donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale, up to $150,000, to AOF. It will help to fund nearly 50 Latino business owners and entrepreneurs.

Miller Lite will also give away up to 10,000 beers per week between March 1 and April 30. Fans of Balvin will have a chance to win exclusive merchandise signed by the singer.

Talking about his new initiative and purpose behind J Balvin's Tab, the Colombian artist told Billboard that he and Miller Lite are back together to always support the "Latino community with their small businesses and their entrepreneurial visions." They want to help entrepreneurs learn "how to elevate their businesses and guide them on where they should be."

He said that they also want to help them financially so that they can make the right investments and grow.

He recalled that when he was starting his music career, he had no one to tell him where to go. So, he had to learn on his own, and now he wants to help others so that they have an "easier path."

On the limited-edition bottle, his signature elements like the lightning bolt and happy faces are prominent. He said that all of that is genuine to what he has always wanted to show. He shared that when he got into the music business he wanted to change the perspective that he was "bad or malicious."

Coming from Colombia, with such a dark past, he "wanted to raise joy, and that's where the smileys come from." He noted that it became like a "trademark," so the designs always appear in his collaborations and shows.

As for the future, Balvin said that he loves fashion and it has always been one of his passions, "just like music and architecture." So, he would like to do a fashion project that has "a global impact on all Latinos."

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