J Balvin has dropped a new single and music video following his smash hit "Ginza"! Although it seems as if the Colombian singer surprised his fans and pulled a Beyoncé on us, that's not the case. In fact, if you follow J Balvin on social media, you should know that he's been preppin' his fans for the new single with the hashtag #YoCarlosDavid." The new record, however, is called "Bobo" (Dumb). 

For the past couple of months, the 31-year-old urban artist has been encouraging fans to find "Carlos David." It turns out that Carlos David is the main subject in Balvin's new track, which talks about those people who act dumb in a relationship. 

"The song is about about a guy named Carlos David that is practically dumb in relationships," expresses Balvin's official website. "Everyone has had heartbreaks, feel bad, and don't understand what went wrong. That's the case for Carlos David, who feels like the dumb person in the relationship." 

"Bobo," which made its debut on all digital platforms on Friday, May 13, is an ode to all those people who have been heartbroken like Carlos David. The music video was filmed in Mexico, where Balvin continues to be a judge on "La Voz Mexico." Check out the video for "Bobo" below. It wouldn't hurt to take some relationship advice from J Balvin. 

On another hand, Balvin recently teased fans with a possible collaboration with David Guetta. Yes, first Justin Bieber, then Pharrell Williams, and now, the renowned French DJ. 

Earlier this month, Balvin documented his recording studio activities, where he revealed that he was cooking something fresh with the DJ. "Dreams that we keep achieving!! Thank you God. Grateful," he expressed on social media along with a photo of him and Guetta. Guetta also shared the same picture with the following caption: "Don't tell anyone @jbalvin is in the studio!"

In the midst of hard work in the recording studio, Balvin taught Guetta how to speak Colombian. A snapchat video showed the renowned DJ and his best attempt at saying "Hola parceros." As the fun-filled day wrapped up, the "Ginza" singer could not help but flaunt once again his excitement. "There are no limits in this life. We're going after the impossible," he stated.

J Balvin cover art for single "Bobo" courtesy J Balvin J Balvin in music video for "Bobo." courtesy J Balvin J Balvin in music video for "Bobo." courtesy J Balvin J Balvin in music video for "Bobo." courtesy