Jacky Bracamontes has one of the most recognized smile in the entertainment industry and she might be smiling extra wide these days and it has to do for a lovely reason, she might be pregnant. The "Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo" star has not said anything about having a baby, but people on social media are speculating she is expecting after a photo surfaced online that showed her with a possible baby bump. During an event in Spain, Bracamontes and her husband Martín Fuentes shared a pic with Antonio Banderas. Jacky is seen in the photo with what might be a baby belly that has everyone abuzz. As of now the actress has not responded to the rumors. See the image below and tell us what you think!

Jacky Bracamontes recently shocked everyone when she revealed in her book "La Pasarela de mi Vida" that she dated William Levy, a rumor that had not been confirmed until now.  "He had told me, 'I am not with my wife,' that is why we were going out, to see where it went," she said during an interview on Univision. Bracamontes and Levy were shooting the telenovela "Sortilegio" and shared many steamy scenes during the production. It was obvious that there was an attraction between the two, but the relationship came to a screeching halt when Levy revealed that his wife Elizabeth Gutiérrez was pregnant. "What he told me that day saved me from a situation that was not for me," she said. Jacqueline also expressed she had doubts about dating William because he already had a child with Gutiérrez.

In that same autobiography she threw her former beau Valentino Lanús under the bus by revealing that he was a cheater. "Jacky, don't think that what I did was because I don't love you," Bracamontes wrote in her book about what Valentino said. "I love you with all my heart, but I am a man, and men are like this. Fidelity is not made for us, we are animales, we have an instinct that is capable of contradicting our feelings."

Jacqueline Bracamontes also shared news that she was no longer part of the Televisa exclusive cast, which means she will be able to look for jobs with any network in México without incurring a penalty.  "I want to share with all of you my absolute gratitude to Televisa that has been my home for 17 years and with whom I ended my contract," she wrote on Facebook. "That is where my vocation and passion for what I do started, solidified and developed."

Bracamontes continued: "I thank them for a long list of projects where I have had great teachings, that have opened roads and brought immense satisfaction to my career. It is time to open new doors and consolidate new professional challenges like the release of my new book and my role as an entrepreneur, but with the conviction of always being willing to find ways to get to all of you. I feel blessed of counting with your affection and I hope that wherever destiny takes me, to have the fortune of having all of you be part of that story."