Jacky Bracamontes is usually very protective of her personal life, but she is now dishing on a hot romance with William Levy. The shocking revelation comes in the actress' autobiography "La Pasarela De Mi Vida." During a sit-down interview with Jomari Goyso on "Primer Impacto," Bracamontes confirmed the fling. "He had told me, 'I am not with my wife,' that is why we were going out, to see where it went," she said.

Bracamontes and Levy were shooting the telenovela "Sortilegio" and shared many steamy scenes during the production. It was obvious that there was an attraction between the two, but the relationship came to a screeching hault when Levy revealed that his wife Elizabeth Gutiérrez was pregnant. "What he told me that day saved me from a situation that was not for me," she said. Jacqueline also expressed she had doubts about dating William because he already had a child with Gutiérrez.

On "Sortilegio" Jacqueline Bracamontes played the character of María José Samaniego, a small-town girl; honest, hard-working and gullible. She comes from a poor family. She doesn’t want to become Bruno’s accomplice but does so in order to protect her father. Bruno makes her deceive Alejandro, but she is very upset and filled with remorse. Bruno harasses her and she rejects him. Finally, she cannot stand the pressure and tells Alejandro the truth. They both realize they are in love and must fight for their happiness.

William Levy gave life to Alejandro Lombardo, an intelligent and well educated, brave and daring man. He was raised by his father, his step-mother and her two children, not knowing that they are his half-brother and sister. He and Bruno do not get along and, when Alejandro inherits the family business, their relationship becomes even more strained. He is suspicious by nature and doesn’t take long to discover that Maria Jose is not his wife, but they fall in love and she tells him that Bruno tried to have him murdered.