Earlier this year Jacqueline Bracamontes released a tell-all book where she talked about her past relationships. In the publication she talked about a possible romance with William Levy, but she also mentioned Valentino Lanús. The latter telenovela heartthrob was to many the perfect man for the former beauty queen and they were in a long-term relationship, but all of a sudden they broke up and nobody knew why, until the book "La Pasarela de Mi Vida."

Bracamontes wrote that Lanús confessed that he had cheated on her and asked for forgiveness on his knees. That is not the worst part though, that came when Valentino justified his infidelity because he's a man. WTF? "Jacky, don't think that what I did was because I don't love you," Bracamontes wrote in her book about what Valentino said. "I love you with all my heart, but I am a man, and men are like this. Fidelity is not made for us, we are animales, we have an instinct that is capable of contradicting our feelings."

While promoting his new telenovela "Nada Personal," Lanús was questioned about the book, which he said he authorized Jacky to include his name.

"At first I had doubts [about the authorization], but then I thought, 'if it's for the well-being of your family and you want to explain to your granddaughters who Jacky is, how can I not support this?,'" he told Notimex.

Valentino also said that he has not been able to read the book.

"What I think is that my philosophy is from here and forward. I don't like to look back if life is waiting."

On her relationship with William Levy, Bracamontes had sit-down interview with Jomari Goyso on "Primer Impacto," and she confirmed the fling. "He had told me, 'I am not with my wife,' that is why we were going out, to see where it went," she said. Bracamontes and Levy were shooting the telenovela "Sortilegio" and shared many steamy scenes during the production. It was obvious that there was an attraction between the two, but the relationship came to a screeching hault when Levy revealed that his wife Elizabeth Gutiérrez was pregnant. "What he told me that day saved me from a situation that was not for me," she said. Jacqueline also expressed she had doubts about dating William because he already had a child with Gutiérrez.