A woman from the United Kingdom who was jailed for triple murder is reportedly planning to walk down the aisle together with her girlfriend.

Mirror reported that Joanna Dennehy’s girlfriend Hayley Palmer, who has just finished her 16-year prison sentence, is already considering taking legal advice on the arrangement of their wedding, a friend has revealed.

The friend also described that Palmer and Dennehy's relationship is "very strange" and "very weird" but claimed that the two were good for each other.

Palmer was said to even already changed her last name to Dennehy.

"Hayley speaks about Joanna like she's her high school sweetheart," the friend added and revealed that that the two were fully committed to take a step further.

“They want to be married by the end of the year. They’re both committed to it," the unnamed friend concluded.

According to Daily Mail, the 38-year-old is one of the only two women in Britain serving a “whole life order”.

Dennehy's first victim was a Polish man named Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, who had come to believe she was his girlfriend. She lured him inside a property "teasing" him with text messages then stabbing him through the heart. Dennehy also killed her housemate named John Chapman, 56, on whom she had inflicted a single fatal stab in the neck with a pocket knife.

The third victim was her landlord Kevin Lee, 48, who she had lured as well using an indication of sexual favors. Their bodies were found dumped in ditches near Peterborough in 2013.

The serial killer was caught a couple of days back as she was "excited" about the manhunt for her. Dennehy stabbed John Rogers, 64, and Robin Bereza, 57, as the two were walking their dogs in Hereford in April 2013. Dennehy was said to have attacked them in two different and both random encounters the same day. Both the men survived the deadly attacks by Dennehy only because of instantaneous medical attention.

Meanwhile, Dennehy met Palmer in a prison in Ashford, England. She was released from Her Majesty's Prisons (HMP) East Sutton Park in Kent on April 30 and is now in a London bail hostel.

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