James Franco was the subject of jokes by his comedian friends on Comedy Central's "Roast of James Franco." There was a recurring gay theme in the jabs he took from his roasters and the gay rumors swirled. Franco has been repeatedly asked about his sexuality following his credible acting in such films as "Milk," "Howl" and "The Broken Tower." The questioning of his sexual preference arose again after the roast and he explained his sentiment to The Daily Beast, "There’s two sides to what happened in the roast. If that’s what they were going to make fun of me for, I was like, 'Great! Bring on the gay jokes!' because these aren’t insults at all. I don’t even care if people think I’m gay, so it was like, 'Awesome!' I mean, I wish I was … I wish I was gay."

The actor goes on to further explain his response when the publication asked why he wished he was gay, "part of it is that movies are a place where people can project things and identify with characters, and it’s the same thing with actors outside of their roles — and it’s been that way since Hollywood was around. That’s why there’s a lot of conjecture. That’s been one of my things, too. My relationship with my public image over the past four or five years has just become weirder and weirder, because I look at it and it’s me, and it’s not me, so if other people want to use that for their own purposes or needs, I’m fine with it."

Back in 2011 he also addressed the rumors with Entertainment Weekly and even opened up the question that he might be gay deep down. "It’s all cut-and-dry identity politics. ‘Is he straight or is he gay?’ Or, ‘This is your third gay movie — come out already!’ And all based on, gay or straight, based on the idea that your object of affection decides your sexuality. There are lots of other reasons to be interested in gay characters than wanting myself to go out and have sex with guys. Part of what I’m interested in is how these people who were living anti-normative lifestyles contended with opposition. Or, you know what, maybe I’m just gay.”