'Jane The Virgin' Season 2 Finale
"Jane The Virgin" wedding on the Season 2 finale of The CW hit show. CW

Fans of "Jane The Virgin" get ready to say goodbye to Season 2 of The CW series. The finale of the Gina Rodriguez-led dramedy airs Monday, May 16, at 9 p.m./8c. Episode 22 of the series is called "Chapter Forty-Four" and it will have Jane's wedding to Michael.

In a preview for the show, we see Jane fall into Rogelio's antics and having car trouble. Jane is forced to take the bus in a wedding dress. We can only imagine all the trouble she will get in.

We also see Rafael asking Jane not to marry Michael. On the clip, Jane does walk down the aisle, but when it is time to say "I do," will she follow through? Will Rafael's words weigh in Jane's mind? Will she actually marry Michael? Will she run away from the church? Will she finally have sex? So many questions and so little time left in Season 2!

Watch and stream a preview of "Chapter Forty-Four" below and tell us if you think Jane will be able to resolve all her problems!

The CW network's official website offers streaming of their shows a day after they air for free. Episode 22 from the sophomore season of "Jane The Virgin" will be made available on Tuesday, May 17.

On that same day, the program will be on other platforms like iTunes and Hulu. On the Apple platform, users would have to pay for the episode or if a Season Pass is already at play, it will be ready on the cloud. With the Hulu option, online users would have to have a subscription to the service. A free trial is available on the site.

On Episode 21 Plans for Mateo's first birthday celebration falter when Jane learns there might be an issue with her wedding venue. Alba gives Jane a lead on a book publisher. Jane and Petra disagree on how Rafael should deal with his troubles.

On previous episodes of "Jane The Virgin," Michael was fired from the police force. Jane took on more shifts at the Marbella to earn extra money. Jane was forced to pair up with Petra's slow-witted sister to help her with her first job.

Meanwhile, Jane and Rafael go to a mediator to arrange a formal custody agreement for baby Mateo. Elsewhere, Xo took an acting role alongside Rogelio and soon figures out his tryst with his series writer.

On Chapter 40, Michael volunteered to watch Mateo for Jane; Rafael was upset of Mateo; Rogelio turned to his favorite writer to get him out of a jam and someone caused problems for Petra.

"Jane The Virgin" airs Monday nights at 9 p.m./8c on The CW.

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