“Jane The Virgin” Season 5 is down to its last few episodes. But before the hit series by The CW ends, one relationship has slowly solidified.

In the previous seasons, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Petra (Yael Grobglas) were the biggest enemies. Petra, one of the show’s villains, did everything to make sure that Jane would have a difficult life.

Petra was a hated character in “Jane The Virgin,” but she slowly transformed into one of the most loved individuals in the series after a slew of unfortunate events. After inseminating herself with Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) sperm, Petra gave birth to her twin daughters Anna and Elsa.

It was during this time when Petra’s vulnerable side started to show. Jane was there when she gave birth to her twins. And Jane was also there while Petra struggled with postpartum depression. The two female characters — who used to be sworn enemies — building a friendship instantly became the heart of “Jane The Virgin.”

In the past, the series revolved mostly around the love triangle between Jane, Rafael, and Michael (Brett Dier). In the previous season, Michael was assumed to be dead after he was shot. But he recently made a comeback in Season 5. Though he’s trying to tear Jane and Rafael’s relationship apart, viewers of “Jane The Virgin” are focused more on where Jane and Petra’s relationship would go.

The upcoming episodes will also see Jane and Rafael finally tying the knot. Before this happens, the couple decided that they want a traditional wedding where there will be a Maid of Honor and a Best Man. Jane and Rafael fought over Petra’s presence because they both wanted her to stay by their side on their special day.

Rafael eventually won since his relationship with Petra has been much longer, and they also share their adorable twins together. But it seems that Jane just gave way for Petra to be with Rafael so that he could have someone present for him on his wedding day.

“Jane The Virgin” airs Wednesdays on The CW. The finale episode will air on July 31.

Jane the Virgin Petra (Yael Grobglas), Rafael (Justin Baldoni), and Jane (Gina Rodriguez) from "Jane the Virgin" Season 5. Jane the Virgin/Facebook