Javier Valdez has died, Riodoce -where the journalist collaborated- confirmed the news. The outlet said that he was driving close to the offices of the publication in Culiacán when his vehicle was intercepted and shot him dead. "It was outside Ríodoce ... he was attacked with bullets," a source told Expansión. "It just happened and the personnel specialists are looking into it."

Valdez worked in the Mexican state of Sinaloa for outlets like AFP and La Jornada. He was also the author of various books that dealt with the topic of drugtrafficking like "Huerfanos del Narco" (Narco Orphans), "Miss Narco," "Los Morros del Narco" and "Narcoperiodismo," where he talked about the danger of journalists that denounced criminals.

With the death of Javier Valdez, it is now the fifth murder of a journalist in this year alone. 

Epigmenio Ibarra, producer of telenovelas like "El Señor de los Cielos" and "El Chema", is an activists that sides on the left. He took to Twitter to denounce the horrible crime. "We condemn the Culiacán killing of Javier Valdez, Riodoce director, exemplary journalist, integral man, committed to his country," he wrote.

More reactions from Twitter soon followed: