Jay Z and new Jet's recruit Geno Smith were seen palling it up together in a photo posted on Instagram earlier this week, leading the NFL to question the rapper's ethics.

The NFL reported Sunday that it was looking in to the extent of Jay Z's involvement in Smith's recruitment.

The photo was posted just prior to the anouncment, making it possible that the rapper was in the room during negotiation talks regarding Smith's signing, a practice that is prohibited by the NFL, the New York Post reported.

The rule Jay Z may have violated is better known as the "runner rule" and states that anyone who is not certified by the NFL Player's Association -- such as collegues or friends of agents -- is prohibitied from being a part of recruiting meetings. Jay Z is not certified, according to the examiner.

The NFL is sending the rapper's Roc Nation Sports agent Kim Miale a letter requesting any information surrounding Jay Z's involvement in the recruitment process.

John Thorton, Smith's adviser, also had some so-called incriminating things to say about Jay Z's presence at the meetings.

"I was in those meetings and Jay Z connected with [Smith] on many levels," he is reported to have said. He would later say he was misquoted.

It is unclear what type of punishment the rapper would face is he is found guilty of violating the rule.