A 44-year-old truck driver has been meted at least 18 years in jail for killing his ex-wife out of jealousy.

The man, identified as Sonny Stoica, is being charged with the killing of Beatrice Cenusa when the latter blew a kiss to her current lover via TikTok.

According to the Daily Mail, Stoica and Cenusa tied the knot in 2009. However, the couple filed for divorce 10 years later, allegedly because of the 44-year-old’s gambling addiction.

Cenusa had over 17,000 followers on TikTok. It was on July 21 when the 36-year-old woman posted a video of her lip-syncing a song with Claudiu Miteatu.

Both blew a kiss at the end of the clip and this is reportedly what incensed Stoica. The 44-year-old demanded that the woman take it down, the Inner London Crown Court heard.

About two days later after that, Stoica went to Cenusa’s home in East Dulwich and used a knife that she plunged to the 36-year-old’s chest.

According to prosecutor Jocelyn Ledward, there was long-standing sexual jealousy by Stoica. Despite being divorced, he refused to allow Cenusa to have relationships without his permission.

This was even though Cenusa stressed that she did not want anything to do with Stoica and that she wanted to have a romantic life of her own.

“When it was clear she had moved on and started a relationship with another man the defendant killed her,” Ledward stated.

Before the stabbing took place, Miteatu had allegedly texted Cenusa to check on her. The woman said she was fine and that she could kiss her. But sometime later, Stoica texted a message to Cenusa, telling her that he was at the door.

Less than four minutes later CCTV captured Stoica running away from his ex-wife's flat in Lordship Lane.

A neighbor daw Cenusa in a pool of blood with a kitchen knife sticking out her chest. Cenusa still managed to say who stabbed her, saying the name of Stoica.

Judge Usha Karu jailed Stoica for life and ordered him serve at least 18 years before he can before released on parole.

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