An Illinois man on Friday alerted cops of a grisly act -- fatally shooting his girlfriend as he drove on the westbound I-90 ramp to Barrington Road. John H. Breseman, a motorist, seemed to be amid a heated argument with Christina Czuj, which triggered him to fire multiple shots as they drove.

As per police statements, while Breseman confessed to the act, he maintained that he acted out of “self-defense”. The 50-year-old allegedly rang up his son before summoning the cops and told him that Czuj had attacked him before he shot her. He is charged with first-degree murder and is expected to appear in court on Jan. 6.

Czuj, however, succumbed to the gunshot wounds that were inflicted at the back of her head and near her collarbone. Recent reports suggest that the 54-year-old was pronounced dead within 15 minutes of the arrival of the officers. “Self-defense or not, I [messed] up,” said Breseman to the police, as per a media report. “I killed the woman I loved,” he added.

The self-defense angle didn’t amount to much, as the evidence gathered indicated otherwise. Breseman’s body had no marks or bruises, but a deeper probe into their recent conversations revealed that the couple had an ugly argument that could’ve triggered the fatal attack. Authorities discovered that Breseman was deeply disturbed by his partner’s decision to usher in the New Year without him. In an old mail dated Dec. 28, Czuj seemed to have made plans to spend the New Year’s eve without him.

“Maybe I'm just a jealous fool that loves you very much,” he wrote in one message, Johnson said in court, as per a report. “Do not call me again,” said Czuj in response.

While a deeper probe is underway; Judge John Lyke Jr. maintained that the circumstances surrounding the situation seemed complex, but it was established that the two were together for over two years.

"This is a head-scratcher...and a head-shaker," Judge John Lyke Jr. said during Sunday's hearing. Breseman is ordered to be held without bail at Cook County Jail. His attorney was unavailable for further comments on Wednesday.

John H. Breseman
John H. Breseman termed himself a 'jealous fool' in his old conversations with Czuj. Cook County sheriff’s office

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