A news report went viral that claims Jenni Rivera faked her own death and is now being condemned to prison. The report claims that a California tribunal sentenced "La Diva De La Banda" for conspiring, bribery, money laundering, fraud and falsifying documents. For all of these crimes as well as other crimes that were pending she was sentenced to 15 years in prison. This report is completely false and is from a fake website that has fooled users across social media. The source looks like it's credible by using a CNN logo and in social media uses the Univision logo. They even went as far as to use a movie still from the film "Filly Brown" that has Rivera in a jail uniform. In the original frame she is wearing a blue jumpsuit while on the site it is orange.

This is not the first time the Rivera family faces a hoax from one of these spoof sites. In a race to be the first to report on a story alleged reputable media publish stories without checking their sources. Several sites falsely reported on the death of Lupillo Rivera a couple weeks ago following his release form the hospital after suffering pneumonia. The ghost site had images with the Telemundo logo juxtaposed to make it seem they had first reported the news and they were screen captures. Investigating on the Telemundo website and social media accounts, this news was nowhere to be found. Yet people on social networks retweet the information and share it as if it was real causing the news to go viral. Due to the nature of how these services work, people get alarmed and do the necessary research and then it becomes to large to handle making the false statement true.

Soon after his mother Doña Rosa had to take to Twitter to lash out at the "disrespectful" media. "A friend just called to tell me not to watch the news," she wrote. She then asked what happened and told her if it was true that Lupillo had died. "I told her they are crazy, I talked to him yesterday," she replied. "He is alright. They don't know what to invent anymore. I called him and everything is fine. My son is great." Lupillo made light of news that reported he was dead. The singer posted a video on Facebook where he's allegedly talking to his mother-in-law telling her not to celebrate just yet. Jenni Rivera's brother took the horrid rumors with humor and informed fans not to believe anything that is published that is not on any of his official social media accounts.