Jenni Rivera Death: Brother Lupillo Rivera Refuses To Attend Anniversary Tribute, Says He Will Host His Own

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It’s been almost a year since Jenni Rivera died in a tragic plane crash after a concert in Monterrey, Mexico. This year has been crucial for La Diva de la Banda’s career, because her fame exploded internationally, with media outlets from around the world covering her story. La Gran Señora became a worldwide success, winning multiple post-mortem awards, gracing numerous magazine covers and selling millions of albums. Her dream of becoming an international superstar came true, although she couldn’t enjoy all the perks. She will always be remembered as one of Mexican regional music’s biggest exponents and to celebrate her life, and all her achievements, her family is organizing a special tribute for Jenni, commemorating a year of her passing.

Rivera’s brothers Juan and Gustavo, her sister Rosie and her daughter Chiquis, are organizing a tribute at the Arena Monterrey, the last place where Jenni performed, in front of 17,000 fans before jumping on the plane that crashed hours later, leading to the tragic death of the singer. However, there’s a family member who’s not very thrilled about this memorial and is creating a bit of a friction between the Rivera Dynasty: Jenni’s younger brother, Lupillo Rivera. He claims he wasn’t properly invited to the tribute. “I was waiting for them to let me know all the exact details of the event, but it wasn’t until yesterday (Monday, Nov. 4) that I found out that it was going to be on Dec. 9. I already had plans for that day in Iturbide and I’m not changing them. I’m going to do my thing and my plan for Dec. 9 is to go visit my sister’s grave for the first time, and thank her for letting me accomplish this much throughout the year,” he said in an interview.

Lupillo is going to be in Iturbide because that’s the town where Jenni’s plane crashed and he will be hosting his own tribute to his sister on that location on Dec. 8. “There won’t be any stars. That night I won’t be a singer, but I’m going as her brother. That night in Iturbide I will sing my beloved sister’s favorite songs. I’ll be like a jukebox and keep on singing,” Rivera explained while promoting his event. He added that around 20 thousand people are expected to attend, and the tribute will be free. He also explained that he wouldn’t want to go to the Arena Monterrey anyways because it’s would be painful. “It’s a special place because it’s where my sister sang for the last time. It’s sacred. Many years will go by before I can step foot in there.”

On the other hand, Chiquis confirmed her uncle was invited to the event she’s hosting along with her other uncles and aunt. “My uncle Lupe was invited. I personally sent him a message, we all sent him an email, but for reasons unknown, maybe personal, maybe because of some sort of resentment that he has against us, doesn’t want to attend. He told me he wasn’t coming, but I appreciate everything he’s going to do. It’s a tribute to my mom and he’s in all his right to host it, because she was his sister. However, he hasn’t invited me. I don’t want to trash my uncle, but he didn’t want to be a part of something we’re doing as a family,” she said.

Meanwhile, Juan Rivera expressed his feelings over his sister. “On December 9 my sister found true peace, happiness and tranquility. For us it was a major loss, but for her it was a triumph because she’s having fun with God,” he said and added that this event will also be free, as a gift for “our family, close friends, media and fans.” He also revealed that performers like Marisela, La Original Banda el Limón, Tito el Bambino and Las Lavanderas have joined the cause and will perform.

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