Jenni Rivera Movie ‘La Diva De La Banda’ Filming Starts in April

Jenni Rivera
Jenni Rivera performed at the Pepsi Center in 2009. Creative Commons

It seems as though Jenni Rivera's loyal fans will not have to wait much longer for the much anticipated movie to start filming. "La Diva De La Banda," a biopic directed by Francisco Joel Mendoza, is set to start filming next month, according to La Opinion.

Mendoza has stated that he does not yet know who will play the lead role of the famed songstress, but he did give insight to the rumors and reveal that he considered casting Angélica Vale and Jennifer Lopez.

While casting such an essential role is concerning for the director, it seems that simply using Jenni Rivera's name is going to prove more troublesome. According to Hoy Los Angeles, "Jenni Rivera" is a registered trademark. A trademark that her family protects vehemently. Her father Pedro Rivera has been quoted saying that he would sue any person that attempted to profit from the untimely death of his beloved daughter.

Mendoza said he has gained permission in Mexico and the United States to film.  

Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera died unexpectedly last year when the plane she was traveling in went into a 28,000-foot nosedive, killing her and six others onboard. However, it seems that the tragedy has only made her fan base larger and stronger.

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