Johnny LópezJenni Rivera's youngest son, recently came out and revealed he is in a gay relationship after photos of both of them went viral on social media. Haters online have made horrific comments saying that "La Diva De La Banda" would not be ok with his lifestyle if she were still alive, but Chiquis' brother is slamming all those trolls with an incredibly epic response.

"‪It really makes me laugh when people say my Momma is rolling over in her grave because of the relationship I’m in," he fired back on Twitter. "They’re talking about the same woman that would say that if I killed people, she would bury the bodies in her backyard. She would’ve taken a bit to adjust but she would’ve loved me no less. If you think otherwise, you truly know nothing about the woman my mother was. ‬No one can take away the love we shared. That’s my Momma and will always be my Momma."

This is not the first time Johnny addresses this issue. In the video he posted online where he reveals his struggles with his sexuality, he also talked about what her mother would think of his relationship. Comments on social media attacked the fact that his mother, Jenni Rivera, was not accepting of the gay lifestyle within her family. "Some of you guys know about how Chiquis at one point had a girlfriend and also Jacquie, and how my mom made them end their relationships," López said. "Me personally, knowing my mom, she never got to see the love side of this. She had so many friends and family members that were gay and lived very promiscuos lifestyles and not only that, she saw how difficult it was for them to be gay in this world, especially in the Latin community and that’s the part she didn’t want for her kids. She wasn’t homophobic at all, she loved all her fans, and all her gay fans and all her family members but I think for us, she didn’t want that lifestyle because she never exactly got to see the love side of it and she didn’t want things to be hard for us. People have been antagonizing her and making her seem like a bad mother but the truth is she just had her own reasons for that."

Chiquis Rivera has been a big pillar of support of Johnny during this process. "My baby boy [Juan Ángel] you have been my biggest fan since I can remember, and today I am YOURS," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Thank you for your love and support throughout all these years. I am so proud of the young man you are becoming and I know momma is too. You know why? Cuz [sic] you had the balls to tell YOUR truth in front of the world, knowing that some wouldn't agree and possibly bash you, but you did it anyways. You stood up for something you believe in. You spoke with honesty and respect. You defended the love for your partner and your family... and that takes courage! Especially at such a young age. You have a good head on your shoulders and I know you're gonna be okay...but just in case you drift off a lil I will be here to correct you when you're wrong, support you when you need it, and stand with you when no one else will. You are not alone! You are LOVED and you are IMPORTANT to this world! Sister has your back until it's my turn to graduate, and even then I won't leave you. I love you papas!!"