Rosie Rivera Slammed After Admitting To Getting Butt Lift

Celebrities shy away from questions about cosmetic surgeries that enhance their body, but Rosie Rivera, never shy from controversy, admitted to getting a butt lift recently. Jenni Rivera's sister brought up the subject on Instagram when she shared where she got her "fajas" from. "I have been transparent about my surgeries and in this case the Brazilian butt lift and lipo was a great enhancement... but eating healthy and working out is still a must," she said. "The faja enhances and shapes, the surgeries were like body contouring... but the healthy lifestyle gives me a healthier life, stronger mind, and gives me power."

"It's my body... your opinions won't change my view... it's my hard earned money.. your odd assumptions won't change that. Call me plastic but I'm happy to be open and transparent with my followers. :) if you are thinking about plastic surgery I would first make sure your mind, soul and spirit are in a healthy state. Sometimes we can look like butterflies and feel like caterpillars. Don't take a short cut when your mind isn't ready."

Her followers were not too kind to her after she made the admission and slammed her with negative comments. "And this is the Christian that preaches to love our body? I can't imagine the Holy Spirit in that butt," edith6433 commented. Another user that goes by lupeespina wrote: "she's taking advantage of all the money that her sister is giving her, I thought she was Christian."

Also cruzmari_tere added: "OMG the good thing is that she's a pastor, if not what else would this woman do? Vanity, vanity, only vanity and it's all fake."

Rosie Rivera was recently called out for her Christian values when her nephew Johnny revealed he was in a gay relationship. "My beliefs are not changing and my love for him neither," she said on Instagram. "I am not in agreement with his decision, but it's not my place to change him. It's not the time to give sermons and uses verses from the bible, it's time to live the word," she added. "It's time to love like Christ loves us all. I love you Johnny. I love my LGTB friends, family members and followers. I don't care for your opinion about me, but I will not accept you harming my nephew, friends or gay followers. I am firm in my beliefs and what the Bible says about this topic but I am also firm on loving."

Johnny released a video where he confirms he is in a gay relationship. "There’s been a lot said about me in the past few weeks," he said. "Things didn’t come out the way I wanted them to. It was a little bit of a mistake on my part, I wanted to make this video first and for everyone to understand me. My boyfriend, as you guys know, Joaquín… we both got a little too excited and he posted a few pictures of us and I retweeted them and they went viral and people started noticing that we were together. I am in a gay relationship right now and I am in love with this person."

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