Johnny López bravely came out and talked about his sexuality after photos of him and his boyfriend went viral on social media. Jenni Rivera's youngest son explained that he is still coming to terms with who he is, but at this moment his heart is full of a love. Many began wondering what Rosie Rivera said as she is against gay marriage and although she doesn't share Johnny's opinion, she still loves him. "My beliefs are not changing and my love for him neither," she said on Instagram. "I am not in agreement with his decision, but it's not my place to change him."

"It's not the time to give sermons and uses verses from the bible, it's time to live the word," she added. "It's time to love like Christ loves us all. I love you Johnny. I love my LGTB friends, family members and followers. I don't care for your opinion about me, but I will not accept you harming my nephew, friends or gay followers. I am firm in my beliefs and what the Bible says about this topic but I am also firm on loving." See the video down below and tell us what you think!

Chiquis Rivera also extended all her support to her baby brother in an emotional Instagram post. "My baby boy [Juan Ángel] you have been my biggest fan since I can remember, and today I am YOURS," she wrote. "Thank you for your love and support throughout all these years. I am so proud of the young man you are becoming and I know momma is too. You know why? Cuz [sic] you had the balls to tell YOUR truth in front of the world, knowing that some wouldn't agree and possibly bash you, but you did it anyways. You stood up for something you believe in. You spoke with honesty and respect. You defended the love for your partner and your family... and that takes courage! You are not alone! You are LOVED and you are IMPORTANT to this world! Sister has your back until it's my turn to graduate, and even then I won't leave you. I love you papas!!"

Earlier in the week, Johnny released a video where he confirms he is in a gay relationship. "There’s been a lot said about me in the past few weeks," he said. "Things didn’t come out the way I wanted them to. It was a little bit of a mistake on my part, I wanted to make this video first and for everyone to understand me. My boyfriend, as you guys know, Joaquín… we both got a little too excited and he posted a few pictures of us and I retweeted them and they went viral and people started noticing that we were together. I am in a gay relationship right now and I am in love with this person."

Johnny also expressed how he has been battling with his sexuality for some time now. "I’ve been dealing with this part of myself for a long time now. Me and Joaquín -tomorrow is actually our 2 year anniversary- we’ve been back together for about 5 months now. We were split for about a year and a half and in that time I did experiment with girls and I tried different things here and there and I still don’t know my preference personally but I do know that I love this person a lot. Ive been in love with him for about two years now and I’m happy, I’m really happy, and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been."