During speculations that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer rekindled their romance after the show's 25th anniversary special earlier this year, fans were ecstatic. According to sources, the two have spent some time together at Jennifer's house in Los Angeles. But Schwimmer refuted allegations that he is becoming closer to Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston and Schwimmer, who played on-again, off-again lovers Ross Geller and Rachel Green on the sitcom, reportedly admitted that they were "crushing" on each other during the early days of filming "Friends."

According to rumors, the 54-year-old actor traveled across the country to visit her after the two openly discussed their brought-in-life connection earlier this year.

A source from this report claimed that reminiscing over the past had woken up sentiments for both of them became evident. The source added the chemistry they'd always had to bury was still there after they got dating.

The source added that the two began texting shortly after filming. Schwimmer traveled from New York to Los Angeles to see Aniston in July. Jennifer and David portrayed Ross and Rachel for a decade. Still, it wasn't until later that they exposed their genuine feelings for each other.

According to an online tabloid, the couple stated that the timing was never good for them to pursue a romance because they were constantly in a relationship.

The pair, both believed to be single, were seen snuggling on set after their reconnection.

David recently drove fans into a frenzy after sharing multiple behind-the-scenes photographs with Jennifer from the recent "Friends Reunion" on Instagram.

David published a total of six photos, but it was the last one that drew the most attention. He even added a caption saying, "After a very long day, last hug of the night." Several netizens were able to screenshot the post.

Jennifer, who starred on "The Morning Show," divorced Justin Theroux in 2017. David, on the other hand, divorced Zoe Buckman the following year. Is this a sign that they're meant to be together?

However, Schwimmer's representatives told an online news site that the rumors of a romance are not true. But their followers have already shown their support for the couple on Twitter. Many individuals have expressed their hopes that Aniston and Schwimmer are dating.

More of them have expressed their delight when the two reunited, which felt like the finest thing that could have happened this year.

Of course, we'd never forget about the supporters who are still reeling from the news as they gasp through a tweet.

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