Jennifer Aniston recently reunited with her “Friends” co-stars. Shortly after, rumors swirled that sparks flew between her and David Schwimmer.

A tabloid claimed that the co-stars’ chemistry was stronger than ever. An unnamed source told the publication that Aniston and Schwimmer have always had feelings for each other.

The anonymous tipster also claimed that Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow served as matchmakers after Schwimmer told them that Aniston was always the one for him. Cox and Kudrow, allegedly, encouraged Schwimmer to tell Aniston how he really feels about her and he did.

“It’s always been a case of the wrong time – with both of them always involved with someone else or coming out of a relationship,” the unnamed insider said. “They’ve finally admitted their true feelings for each other after 25 years of friendship. They just wished they’d gotten together years ago,” it added.

However, according to the rumor-debunking site, Gossip Cop, there is no truth to the claims. Aniston and Schwimmer are not dating. The former co-stars aren’t also interested in each other.

The publication claimed that the tabloid must have concocted their story after Aniston and Schwimmer reunited with each other. Since they are both single, it was convenient to pair them with each other.

Gossip Cop also said that the tabloid has been publishing fake stories about Aniston. For an entire year, they continuously linked Aniston to Brad Pitt. The two were together for years but, after they split in 2005, they never got back together officially.

During her recent interview on “The Howard Stern Show,” Aniston said that she’s too busy to date. The actress is promoting her upcoming Apple TV series, “The Morning Show.”

“Yeah, and I’m very busy,” she said. “For now. I’m promoting ‘The Morning Show.’ I’m prepping for the next season,” she added.

Aniston was previously married to Justin Theroux for two years. But, the couple also called it quits recently. Since then, the actress has not dated anyone else. She was also linked to Bradley Cooper but they never dated either.

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