Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston have stayed friends after their divorce. In fact, the former even joked about being his ex-wife’s first Instagram follower when Aniston joined the social media platform last week.

Just hours after Aniston created her official profile on Instagram, the actress broke records by gaining millions of followers. Theroux followed his ex-wife on Instagram, and he also posted a comment on Aniston’s first post.

Theroux simply wrote the word “first,” which is usually done by followers and fans who commented first on their idol’s post. But during his interview with Access Hollywood, the actor admitted that he wasn’t actually the first person to follow Aniston.

“I did not get a heads up (that Aniston was joining Instagram), it was actually a joke that I was first,” Theroux said. “I wrote first because I was like the 40 trillionth billionth person to comment and I think she had only been on for a couple of hours,” he added.

Theroux also said that the entire world is about to discover how hilarious his ex-wife can be. And true enough, Aniston’s posts have been nothing but hilarious. Her profile picture on her Instagram account is a snap of herself making a wacky face.

The actress also uploaded a throwback photo of herself as a kid. In the picture, Aniston is wearing a hat. The actress recreated the snap recently by uploading a photo of herself wearing a similar hat.

Aniston also shared another photo of herself being glammed up by her team. She’s standing in front of a white wall with her legs wide open and with another wacky look on her face.

“I’m just a girl … standing with hair and makeup. A stylist. A photographer. A lighting crew, wind machine, props, and a computer …  asking you to think I woke up like this,” she captioned the snap.

Aniston’s caption was a reference to one of Julia Roberts’ most famous lines in the 1999 hit movie “Notting Hill.” “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her” is the original line from the movie.

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston attends the 2018 InStyle Awards at The Getty Center on Oct. 22, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer