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Jennifer Aniston reportedly felt betrayed by Courteney Cox after the latter joined Justin Theroux’s birthday celebration on Saturday. In a report that surfaced on Monday, a publication claimed that Aniston wasn’t happy to see Cox attend Theroux’s birthday party last weekend.

Photos of Cox visiting Theroux’s apartment in New York City made the rounds online last weekend. Courteney Cox, who was Aniston’s co-star in “Friends,” has been a longtime friend of Aniston and is currently in a relationship with rocker Johnny McDaid.

The publication that started the rumor claimed that while Aniston knew that there was nothing romantic going on between her friend and her ex-husband, she felt that Cox’s decision to attend Theroux’s birthday bash was a downright display of disloyalty. An unnamed source allegedly told the publication that Cox had insisted on maintaining her friendship with Theroux despite what happened between him and her friend Aniston.

“Jen never liked it much, but Courtney insisted on keeping in touch with Justin even after they split up,” the source said. “She argued that they got like a house on fire while Jen was married to him, and that their breakup should change that.”

The source also claimed that “there is no love lost” between Aniston and Theroux, and to learn that Cox has kept in touch with her ex was like “a punch to the stomach” for Aniston. “All of Jen’s West Coast have fallen into line and remained by her side, but for some reason, not Courtney, who is the closest with Jen out of all of them,” the source added.

While it’s true that Cox has remained friends with Theroux, it isn’t true that Aniston is upset about her friend attending Theroux’s birthday party last weekend. A source close to Aniston confirmed to Gossip Cop that Aniston and Theroux have been on good terms since their divorce and that Aniston is totally okay with Cox staying friends with her ex.

In fact, Aniston and Theroux reunited last month to bury their pet dog Dolly. And Cox took to Instagram to send her love to the former couple.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux attend The Critics Choice Awards. Getty Images

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