Is Jennifer Aniston the better woman after all? At 50, she certainly looks good and fit. But is she really having a laugh at her once love rival, Angelina Jolie's expense? 

One report claims so, although it does sound a bit doubtful since Aniston doesn't appear to be wired that way. According to Radar Online Exclusive, Aniston is having the last laugh over her once love rival, Jolie as she flaunts her fit and toned body while going to an appointment in Beverly Hills.

The Daily Mail also reported that several Aniston insiders have spoken with Ian Halperin, who is penning the book “Friends with Benefits,” as his book will be about the actress. In the book, Halperin is said to highlight that regardless of her heartbreaks with Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, among others, the actress is at her happiest today.

This is a far cry from how she was described when her ex-husband, 55, broke up their so-called golden marriage when he met Jolie, his co-star in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” back in 2005.

Jolie and Pitt did not marry each other well until 2014, however. They spent nearly a decade together but not tying the knot, eventually raising a total of six children. Since that period is already counted as a mean feat in Hollywood, people for a while thought they were the perfect couple and their relationship rock solid. When they eventually got married, fans shed a tear or two! However, after the two years, these Hollywood A-listers decided to call it quits. 

This “misfortune” of Jolie is said to be a boon for Aniston, at least according to the insiders. One source revealed to Halperin, “Who would have thought that Jen would have ever looked better than Angelina Jolie? That shows you in life it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. I’m so happy for her.”

Allegedly, this Aniston biography is said to contain content gathered from 350 sources who know the actress very well. One even claimed that Aniston is now an icon in Hollywood, not just for her looks and physique, but her mental outlook.

An insider revealed to Halperin, “She doesn’t seek happiness, she seeks well-being. And, she’s accomplished that. She’s grown as a person over the past few years. She lights up the room wherever she goes." 

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